Fanatical Religious Wife Pulls Children From School Over UnGodly Education

Woman pulls children from school over religion

At this time and age, some folks religious as they portray themselves have not grasped that part of the Bible that says God helps those who help themselves. A mother of six children in Nairobi’s Mukuru kwa Njenga slums decided to pull her children from school when she discovered that education could disconnect her family from their religious course according to her new faith.

The woman, Virginia attracted the wrath of her husband and the community, who reported her to the area chief, three weeks ago when she pulled her three children out of school reason being the world was polluting their minds with earthly knowledge that is ungodly.

“When I read the scripture it occurred to me that indeed education was polluting the minds of my children. I saw it fit to let my children stay at home and read the word which I have been teaching them. Like for instance when I read the scripture I realised that family planning kills what inside. So I thought instead of killing what is inside me, I’d rather give birth to as many children,” said Virginia.

According to her husband Amos, Virginia’s religious view changed after she started attending a particular church named Kanisa Ya Yesu located in Makongeni area Nairobi. Her children in class eight, class fived and nursery have subscribed to their mother’s faith in her new church strongly convinced that continuing with their education will disrupt their connection with God.

“If Jesus himself was not a learned man, his power was inborn. My children to have the gifts bestowed upon them by Jesus and through their faith, the gift will help them in future,” she said when she was summoned by the chief.

Good News International Ministry, under which Virginia’s new faith is founded was on the spotlight for inciting church members against Huduma Namba and telling congregants not to believe in education or get hospital treatment among a number of concepts they consider earthly.

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