Woman Demands Compensation In Millions Over Unjust Dismissal

Clerk helps man get released

The cost of financing a lawsuit, just to get some millions that cannot be accounted for is quite a bold move. Definitely not for folks without a couple of lawyer friends to back you up in the legal matters.

A former employee at Kevian Kenya Limited, moved to court to seek justice for wrongful dismissal. Nancy Wanjiku Kamau who worked for the company where she served as Head of Sales since June 7 last year earning Ksh 400,000 monthly gross salary is now seeking Ksh 4,800,000 compensation from her former employer over alleged unjustifiable termination.

An alleged review of her performance indicated that her results were unsatisfactory and what followed was a termination letter handed to her by the company’s Managing Director. In the documents presented before the court, the claimant stated that at no time was she ever guilty of gross misconduct or inefficiency in performing her duties, challenging her dismissal from the company.

“The claimant avers that she worked diligently, loyally and was at all times dedicated to her job with the respondent,” read court papers.

The former employee told the court that she was placed on six-month probation after which she served on a permanent basis until her termination on April 12, 2019. According to her the termination was un-procedural, unjustifiable, irregular and taunted with illegality and therefore entitling her to Ksh 4,800,000 for wrongful dismissal.

Suppose Nancy succeeds in her quest for justice, she will go back home a happy soul, satisfied and with enough cash to hit the ground running in her future career endeavours. But if the court flips the script, she might be a little damaged with fines and other unnecessary charges.