Dead Mouse Cremation Heightens, Lands Two A Sentence

mouse cremation

An idle mind is indeed the devil’s workshop, and the devil was cooking up some pretty silly ideas in the minds of 25-year-old Ashley Finley and 23-year-old Dysney Sibbons.

The two who work in a bike shop decided to cremate a rat by setting it up on fire because they were bored, but not just the rat caught fire. Ashley and Dysney said it was a quiet day with little to do in the store and they were unsupervised after the manager of the Cycle King shop left for a haircut.

To kill boredom, they decided to cremate the body of a mouse they had found in their stockroom, putting an accelerant on the corpse to help it burn. They walked out of the stockroom into the main shop strongly convinced that the fire will eventually die.

Only to hear loud noises from the storeroom and a few minutes later, the shop was up in flames and the two attempted to put it out but failed until the fire service arrived. Cycle King shop was reduced to ashes and more than £1.6 million worth of damage to the store was incurred and neighbouring pub and restaurant were also caught up in the flames. It took more than seven hours for the firefighters and the crew to bring it under control.

Appearing before the court for sentence, both men said they were deeply remorseful about the fire they started in the afternoon of September 29, 2017. The Judge gave them suspended prison sentences for arson for eight months and ordered them to pay £1,500 towards prosecution costs as well as completing 280 hours of unpaid work after criticising them for their stupidity.