Woman Orders Food, Refuses To Pay Saying It’s On God

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Offending a businessmen in the name of God could buy one a ticket out of accumulating bills or attract the wrath of the proprietor if his association with religion raises question marks. Tempting God with selfish motives is one gross way to parade Christianity and literally using it to gain favours at the expense of the other party is outrightly sinful.

A 30-year-old woman, Delila Hernandez, cycled to the Sonic restaurant in Las Cruces, New Mexico and ordered some food. Only for drama to ensue when she was served and asked to foot the bill, but blatantly told the waiter ‘This one’s on God.’ The waiter told her ‘That’s not how this works,’ and tried to withhold the meal from her but she saw it coming and threatened the server who gave in and handed her the package.

Knowing that Delila’s mistake would cost him a salary and probably his job, the employee rushed back inside and called the cops on this weird customer, who immediately swung into action and caught the woman enjoying the stolen meal somewhere in a nearby parking.

Delila confessed to the police in court documents that she knew stealing the meal was wrong. That she hesitated to eat the meal because she felt bad, but ultimately gave in and ate it because she was very hungry. She was arrested and charged with felony robbery, although the charge may be minimized.

A spokesperson for the District Attorney’s Office, said she will likely end up charged with petty misconduct of about $250. Also she might be forced to pay back the restaurant for the food she stole.