This Teacher Sacrificed Her Wedding Gifts To Buy School Supplies

teacher Sacrificed wedding gifts

For some of us, what friends, family, and foes bring to our wedding is much more important than the wedding itself. If they are coming to the wedding empty-handed, then calling off the wedding is much more economical when you run your numbers. But Kelli a first-grade teacher at a school in, Florida U.S decided to do the most honorable thing by putting her pupils before her wedding gifts.

When she got engaged to her fiance, Matt Cameron last summer they both made up their minds and decided to help kids rather than collect expensive gifts.

“Instead of crockpots, it was Sharpies and T-shirts and khaki shorts. I’m not surprised at all that she thought of this and went into it so passionately, because that’s what she does every day,” her husband said

She picked up a school that was struggling with supplies and needed help. The school gave her a list of what they needed and together with Matt, they created an Amazon wishlist covering everything from notebooks to underwear. Determined as they were they ended up donating 70 backpacks full of supplies for students after their wedding, with each backpack filled with everything a student needs for a new school year.

“Being a teacher, I put my heart and soul into the kids, and you try and give and give to them. How wonderful it was that we were able to do that, take something that was about us and help others. ‘The kids who get the backpacks will be excited for that first day of school, and excited that they have that new backpack and new supplies, and are ready to start the school year,” she said.

Wow! If only there were millions like teacher Kelli sacrificing their gifts to put children through school, the world would be a better place.