Late Kibra MP Ken Okoth’s Secret Lover Pops Up, Wants Son Accepted

Ken Okoth's Secret lover

Kibra MP Ken Okoth passed away last week after battling cancer for a while. While his family is planning on giving the visionary leader a decent send-off, a controversial side of his marital affairs popped up uninvited with claims that the late Ken Okoth fathered a son with a Jubilee-nominated MCA.

Word has the alleged second wife approached the family demanding recognition of their son into the late’s family. That their son was known among Okoth’s close circle and family members, gathering from pictures of the son with Okoth have been shared online.

“Both the paternal and maternal grandparents have met the child and have lived with him for days. Ken loved the son very much and there is nothing in question,” the MP’s confidant said.

Okoth met his secret lover in 2011 while she was working as a nurse at the Aga Khan Hospital, Nairobi, before she was nominated to the county assembly during the 2017 General Election and at some point in time, the woman is said to have moved in with him at a house along Ngong Road in Nairobi.

Monica, Okoth’s European widow, protested against the idea of publicly recognising the alleged son claiming that she and Okoth had no biological children but adopted three. She went ahead to fight attempts to have the son mentioned in the MP’s funeral advertisement, delaying its publication in the dailies.

According to his mother Angelina Ajwang’ her son did not father any child outside of her marriage with Monica.

“Ken did not sire any child. I know many women will come out to claim they have at least a child with Ken,” she told a local television station on Tuesday.

A source who has been part of all funeral arrangement meetings disclosed that the late MP included the child in his will and the family should respect his wishes.

“Ken has put that in the will. Ken has a will, and as I told you, I am Ken’s confidant. I am privy to the will. And the child is catered for in that will,” he added.