A Pap Smear Could Save Potential Cervical Cancer Victims

Cervical cancer

Cancer of the cervix is among the commonest cancers among women in Kenya as most ladies do not go for screening. The ease with which women contract cervical cancer is a situation that can be managed through a routine screening using Pap smear or other tests.

Globally, it is estimated that over half a million cases of the cancer are newly diagnosed globally each year leading to about 280,000 deaths of women. Narrowing it down to Kenya, about 2,500 cases are diagnosed each year leading to about 1,700 deaths.

For one Daisy, her desire to satisfy her husband sexually pushed her to seek care in the sexology clinic, too afraid that her marriage may fall apart. She had been bleeding continuously for one month. With time she had noted that the blood was getting dirty and starting to smell. Her flow used to last for four days previously and she had had no tummy pains.

“It is my periods, they just won’t go. My husband is very upset and thinks I am pulling one of those strings on him,” she opened up to her doctor.

Following a thorough examination, the doctor found out that she had a friable growth in the cervix which was bleeding easily, which could be a serious condition, possibly cancer.

When the doctor inquired if she had tried a pap smear, she said she had heard about it but had never tried it. Ideally, a pap smear is a routinely test undertaken to detect changes in the cervix that could develop into cancer. Treating those changes in good time prevents cancer of the cervix.

Her biopsy was taken into the lab and the results revealed that she had cervical cancer. Unfortunately, cancer of the cervix shows no symptoms until it is at an advanced stage when the continuous bleeding starts.

Lillian underwent surgery to remove her uterus. She then underwent radiotherapy, but unfortunately 10 months later, her kidneys failed and she passed on. Literally, any woman who hs had sex should be screened to prevent other further loss of life due to cervical cancer.

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