Pregnant School Girls To Expose Lovers and Defilers In New Policy

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Getting pregnant while in school is a situation that has become rampant in society today. The girls are forced to discontinue their education while their counterparts walk the ends of the world fornicating more.

A new national policy proposal seeks to protect pregnant schoolgirl from being expelled from school on the condition that they will reveal the identity of the boy or man who made her pregnant, either with her consent or through rape. On the other hand school, principals will be required to unconditionally readmit the girls within six months after giving birth or at the beginning of the new school calendar year.

“A pregnant learner shall be allowed to remain in school for as long as possible, after which she should take leave, give birth and return to school after six months or at the beginning of the next school year. Should the learner seek a transfer from the institutions where they previously schooled, then the headteacher through the director of education at the sub-county level will assist the learner to gain admission in another school,” reads the document.

For the teenager boyfriend, he will be enrolled in a counselling and guidance programme at the expense of the school, with the girl as well, but the girl will be at liberty to transfer to another school. But for an adult, the guidelines demand the headteacher to report to the police and the Children’s Department for legal action as the law provides that the defiler must stand trial.

These proposed guidelines titled ‘National Guidelines for School Re-entry in Basic Education’ seek to ensure that all those who drop out of school for various reasons are smoothly admitted upon their return. It will also benefit learners living with HIV-Aids, those who have suffered gender-based violence, traumatic cultural practices such as FGM, child labour and child trafficking together with special needs and disability, those who have suffered drug and substance abuse and those with mental health issue.

National Parents Association chairman Nicholas Maiyo, praised the move but warned of traditional arrangements that parents reach with offenders to skip law the law and legal punishment. The guidelines await the signature of Education CS Prof George Magoha to be effective in both public and private schools across the country.

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