Man Creates Calendar To Honour Wife And Other Women With Miscarriages

Man create calender after wife's miscarriage.

Its one thing to get married and another to bear children for your husband. 39-year-old Katherine has not been so fortunate in abundantly gifting her husband with the fruits of her labour as she suffered seven miscarriages during the marriage despite them both having children from previous relationships plus one son together

Despite all these setbacks, love prevailed. Her 45-year-old husband in solidarity with her woman and has decided to create a calendar of other women who have had similar experiences to Katherine.

“Last year, on Father’s Day, Kat had a miscarriage and nearly died again. During the night, she collapsed in a pool of blood in the bathroom, as well as several times throughout the night. At one point, I remember putting a massive clot into a plastic bag which I thought was the unborn baby, but wasn’t sure.

“I remember her sitting down, her eyes rolled back, and she wasn’t breathing. It was the most traumatic experience ever. To see your wife collapse unconscious and lose so much blood was heartbreaking. I thought she was going to die. Her breathing was shallow and my heart just sank. I honestly thought I was losing my wife, my best friend and soul mate,” Darren recalled the ordeal.

After several other miscarriages, the two decided not to try it again. With a story to tell they both decided to work on a ‘Calendar Girls’ type of calendar to raise money for a miscarriage charity and are for the idea of budding models sharing their miscarriages to make the calendar more meaningful with a story to share while raising awareness as well as funds.

So far he has signed up a few people but is on the lookout for more people who’ve shared a similar fate. The funds from each calendar sold will then go to a miscarriage charity.