Kirinyaga Women Rep Responds To Video Altercation With Angry Motorist

A 17-second video clip of Kirinyaga women Ngirici being scolded by an angry motorist for breaking traffic rules and trying to assault him has been making rounds on social media forcing the legislator to respond over the matter.

“Shame on you! You are a grown woman! What the hell is this car?! Follow the rules! And you’re coming here to try and punch me?” yelled the motorist yelled at Kirinyaga Women Rep who had stepped out of her vehicle during the altercation.

The man throwing words at the women rep in the video apparently did not know he was being recorded. On Tuesday, Ngirici took to Twitter to acknowledge her mistake and apologize to the public.

“Going by the clip making rounds on social media – Yes, sometimes back I had an incident involving overlapping on the road. I was rushing to attend to a patient by the name Magdale Wawira who was admitted at KNH. Sometimes, even leaders are reminded by the citizens about society and its values. I took the lesson, appreciated and apologized accordingly. To grow together as one cohesive and harmonious society, we must remind and correct each other whenever we go wrong or make mistakes ~ PWN.”

There have been numerous complaints from motorists that some leaders were harassing motorists by pushing them off the road.