Digital Media Business in Kenya, the Story of Growthpad’s Duncan Njue

Duncan Njue- Growthpad

According to a report by Siemens, a global technology firm, African economy can earn an extra $300 billion by 2026 if it’s countries adopted digitization. Digital media and technology are at the core of successful businesses and startups. For the few that are still struggling, they are slowly ditching the traditional media to incorporate digital technology in their operations. But there still exists a gap in digitization one which Duncan Njue a serial entrepreneur sought to close up.

Starting small with the very basics of social media management, after a series of disappointments in the many businesses he had put his hands on including a software development venture which failed to capture the market. This first gig later brought in more clients and together with his team they diversified into digital media and technology.

Opportunity meets value

In 2017, he started his fast-growing company, Growthpad Digital Consulting as its sole Director, which quickly gained momentum, thanks to the networks he had made over time and a customer-funded model which he adopted for his business that catapulted its organic growth.

“Just like any business or any market dynamics I looked at the demand and asked myself if I can be able to supply and make profits out of it when I saw the opportunity and space in digital media and tech. With a background in IT and my entrepreneurial habits I knew I could bring value into the market by building a sustainable business to offer a tailor-made solution,” he said.

Growthpad Digital Consulting an integrated digital consulting company pivots clients to being digital at the very core. Among its solutions and products for digitization include digital marketing, business development and strategy, marketing operations, aimed at digitally optimizing customer experiences and deepening brand engagement so as to deliver value for both customers and the businesses.

Meeting customers at their point of need

Working with big clients like Fairmont Hotels, ASUS – A Global laptop maker as their digital partner in East and West Africa, Pride Inn, Standard Chartered and as a product implementation partner for Google and Hubspot, the need to develop other channels arose. Going for client-based solutions, together with his team they invented animation and visual studios, data & analytics, Growthpad eCommerce, performance sales & marketing, and Growthpad Digital Ventures.

From Growthpad Digital Ventures grew Zidi, a platform where entrepreneurs can start a profitable online business with zero inventory and near-zero capital.

“Zidi is a platform where we build our own startups and grow them with different partners. It is more of Business to Customer kind of operation. It is still in its pilot stage but it has already gained traction as people are asking to partner with us already. Its a good start-up environment for ideas that change the economy” said Duncan.

The other side of the coin

Despite its stability, Growthpad, just like any other business has had its fair share of challenges including competition and delayed payments by some clients. Unlike their competitors mostly PR agencies who receive briefs for projects, together with his team, they help the clients come up with the briefs and answer their questions, identifying the problem and offering the solution, which has helped them maximize on their digital stronghold. The company also adopted the policy of never taking work without deposit, to ensure they get to the very end of an assigned task.

10 years from now Duncan said his Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG) will make Growthpad become the leading Africa digital media technology firm with top of its goal being to exceed its client expectations by offering them value through customer experience and well-defined solutions.

“For those companies seeking to tap into the African market, We come in as their digital media partner to help them reach the right audiences, through our platform. We want to be a global company that businesses need in transforming to digitization, so also create employment opportunities and impact lives,” he mentioned.

Duncan highlighted that entrepreneurship is not an easy way out for the youth, because its a path with lots of opportunities but calls for passion, tenacity, perseverance to the end in find solutions that are driven by technology. He also encouraged investors to support local entrepreneurs with seed capital and resources so the businesses may live to see another day.

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