Clerk Persuades Staff to Pay Fine For Man To Be United With His Kids

Clerk helps man get released

A father of three from Kulamawe in Isiolo was arrested and his cooking stuff seized by the officers for selling food in unhygienic conditions. He was then locked up at the Isiolo Police Station for three days before his arraignment on Monday this week.

Appearing before Chief Magistrate Samuel Mungai, the man pleaded guilty to selling food in unhygienic conditions and sought leniency, informing the court that he was the sole breadwinner of his three children who ware staring at him from outside the courtroom.

“The offense cannot be taken lightly as selling food in unhygienic conditions can result in poisoning and even cause deaths,” the Magistrate said.

The magistrate ruled out that Mugaa is to pay a fine of Ksh20,000 or serve six months in prison. He was escorted by the police officers to the court cells where he was required to pay the fine and be released but, unfortunately, had only Ksh9,000 on him.

Saddened by the courts’ decision, the three children were determined not to leave the court premises until their father was released. One of the clerks was moved by the young ones and went ahead to persuaded his colleagues to help the man raise the remaining money for his release.

In about an hour’s time, close to 30 workers, including police officers working at the court, a probation officer and a prosecutor, had already contributed Sh11,500 that was Mugaa released, who was very grateful. Residents took to social media to praise the court staff for their deeds.