Requirements To become An MP in Kenya

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino

Article 1 of the Constitution clearly highlights that all sovereign power belongs Kenyans and they can exercise it either directly or through their democratically elected representatives. Every five years, Kenyans in each constituency elect a Member of Parliament to represent them in the National Assembly/Parliament.

MPs are tasked with representation interests of the people who elected them, legislation and amending laws in parliament, and oversight of the Executive arm of the government and other state organs to ensure transparency and accountability and while at it ensure that resource allocated for their constituency is put into good use.

One can become a MP through election or by nomination from political parties they are in. There is no limitation to the number of times one can serve as an MP when re-elected severally.


  • Must be a Kenyan citizen for at least 10 years before the election with no allegiance to a foreign state
  • Must be a registered voter, and nominated by a Political Party or is an independent candidate.
  • Must not be a public officer or acting in any State of public office other than a Member of Parliament
  • Must not hold dual citizenship unless, according to IEBC, the citizenship of the other country has been obtained by operation of law without the capacity to opt-out
  • meet the statutory moral and ethical requirements under the Leadership and Integrity Act
  • not be a person of unsound mind and not declared bankrupt.
  • Must not be subject to a sentence of imprisonment of at least six months from the date of registration of candidates or date of elections or to have abused or misused state or public office or contravened Chapter Six of the Constitution.

The candidate should submit all the required documents to the IEBC for the nomination process including academic papers, certified copy of National ID among others. Also, a duly filled Commission Nomination Form 15 containing Statutory and Self Declaration form must be submitted.

Anyone looking to become an MP must pay a nomination fee in form of a Banker’s Cheque payable to the IEBC, amounting to Ksh 20,000 for any other candidate and Ksh 10,000 for a candidate who is a woman, a person with a disability or a youth.

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