Tanzania Government Opens Special Bank Account to Counter Rogue Lawyers

Bank of Tanzania

Rogue lawyers always cook their way into the pockets of guilty government officials in the name of making the crime go away. However, the Tanzania Government has quickly closed in the gap by providing a solution that exudes accountability and transparency, in such matters that have been rampant promoting corruption and injustices in the judicial system.

Tanzania Government has opened a special bank account, which will enable those accused of economic sabotage and have opted to return the money to the government, to directly deposit the funds in this account. According to Tanzania Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Biswalo Mganga, the special account has been opened in the Bank of Tanzania following a government directive.

Those accused of economic economic-related sabotage offenses and found guilty but seek to be pardon will have to have to deposit the money into the special account upon approval by the court.

“Anyone who deposits the money elsewhere let it be my offices, DPP or Tanzania Revenue Authority,  otherwise it will not be recognized. I have realized there are some people including lawyers who have been soliciting money from the accused claiming they are taking it to my office, something which is not true,” Mganga mentioned.

He said that it was unethical and that his office has established investigations towards the matter. This move will restore sanity and integrity in the prosecution of public cases.