Zombie Angelina Jolie Arrested For “Blasphemy and Youth Corruption”

Zombie Angelina Jolie

Sahar Tabar, an Iranian Instagram star renown for her creepy transformation into a zombie Angelina Jolie was arrested by Tehran’s guidance court, for  blasphemy and corrupting youths.

Tabar shot to fame in 2017 after claiming that she’d had 50 surgeries to look like her favorite Hollywood star Angelina Jolie and posting selfies showing her zombie like face, but later revelaed that her hollow cheeks, inflated lips and the weird nose, which  accentuated her emaciated look were actually created with the help of makeup and digital editing. Most of the photos and videos shared with her over 15,000 followers are been heavily edited.

“It is photoshop and makeup. Every time I publish a photo I make my face more fun. It is my way of self expression, a kind of art. My followers know that this is not my real face,” she said in an interview.

On Instagram where her account has since been deactivated Sahar Tabar often shared photos of herself. In some pihotos she shows off a white plaster on her nose, popular with plastic surgery patients.

She has been accused of promoting violence, illicit education, blasphemy, insulting the Islamic veil, spreading hatred and encouraging youth to commit corruption. Her arrest follows complaints from members of the public which has come at a time when there are a series of crackdowns on mostly female Instagram users in Iran.

In Iran, Instagram is the only major social media service accessible. Facebook and Twitter and the Telegram messenger service and Youtube are officially banned

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