Thicc Lips Craze Almost Sends Woman to an Early Grave

Woman almost dies from lip filler

While you are hating on your God-given African lips, someone elsewhere is dying to have them that way. A disability worker in Australia gave in to peer pressure and went under the knife to work her lips so they could look thick like her friends’.

It was all good all great after Mikayla visited a clinic to get the job done until her lips became painful and started swelling. When her lips became allergic to the antibiotics she purchased, her doctor informed her that her lips were infected. This led to her being off work for a fortnight and losing her job because of the botched procedure. Mikayla was almost blinded when the lip-filler treatment gone wrong saw her lips burst and she swallowed the solution

“And then there was a part where I got blisters and they burst, and I started swallowing the filter and passed out. You see horror stories on TV, but assume that would never happen to you until it actually does,” she narrated in an interview.

Doctors say that she had lip filler injected into the arteries in the botched procedure and was incredibly lucky it wasn’t worse.

“In my opinion, there is little doubt that this poor girl has had filler injected into the arteries supplying her upper lip. That filler has then gone on to cause tissue death. It could have gone up into her face, up along the side of the nose and into her eye, and she could have been rendered blind instantaneously,” said a plastic surgery professor who wants such clinics shut down.

The clinic has denied ever allegations, saying that there is no medical evidence of their treatment causing an infection, as they followed mandated clinic procedures required.

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