Botched Operation Leaves Man Without a Testicle

Botched surgery

A 62-year-old man is seeking justice for one of his missing testicles after a botched operation caused by Medical negligence. The old man underwent a 30-minute procedure at General Hospital Cumbria, in April to remove the fluid and swelling from his scrotum, but his consultant urologist left a drain in his testicle that became infected.

He was rushed back into hospital for surgery only to wake up to his right testicle missing. It is alleged that a surgeon found the testicle was ‘black and unlikely to recover’ and decided to chop it off, after consulting a colleague. The man claims that he hadn’t been told exactly what he was going back into theatre for and had to spend a couple of days in the hospital recovering from the operation.

“That first op was botched and I am in no doubt that my urologist did something that ended up cutting off the blood supply to my testicle,” the man said.

He was initially diagnosed with a common and non-harmful type of swelling in one of his testicles, but the botched operation has left him with a painful lump where his testicle was and is forced to take morphine for the pain. His self-confidence has been shattered as he said he won’t allow his wife to see him undressed and that he suffers night sweats which may be caused by low testosterone levels. Investigations into the case are ongoing.