Naivas Beats Rivals with Customer Experience, Price and Accessibility

Naivas Customer Experience

New entrants in Kenya’s retail Industry have completely bridged the gap left by retail giants like Nakumatt, Uchumi. In a market where their kind struggle with salary, supply, and rent debts they have thrived to gain a large market share and run their operations smoothly. Others are expanding and merging to remain relevant in the competitive environment.

In the past, retailers have mainly used great customer service and friendly prices as the main acquisition and retention of customers. But these new entrants have changed the narrative in shaping customer experience in this industry by paying more attention to the ambiance, brand visibility, space and arrangement in addition to great customer service and prices to attract and retain customers.

A recent survey by Ajua, Africa’s first Integrated Customer Experience company for businesses on the continent, has ranked Naivas Supermarket as best at customer experience, knocking off Tuskys. When customers were asked what factors they consider when choosing a supermarket, most of them said; price, customer service, accessibility, quality of products, location and variety, and some mentioned reputation.

Customers owed the success of Naivas to fairer prices compared to other supermarkets, great customer service, and faster service, their convenient locations near bus stations. Some customers mentioned that they preferred Naivas over other supermarkets because of the quality of their bakery products.

Tuskys decreased level of customer experience was attributed to slower service at the counter but was greatly recognized by shoppers for stocking high-quality products, fair prices, great customer service, and a variety of goods under one roof.

However, some customers said retail outlets need to improve accessibility for people with disabilities and special needs when designing their facilities.