KFCB Intros Clean Content Ambassador Awards Picks Kamba Artist For Nairobi Region

KFCB Clean content Ambassador

Kenya Power Film and Communications Board has today unveiled KFCB Nairobi Region Clean Content Ambassador Award. This follows a study commissioned by the Board on Effects of lewd, vulgar, violent and obscene music content on children the youth and communities in general which necessitated a journey to identifying clean content ambassadors countrywide.

KFCB Clean Content Award seeks to provide children with a guided viewing experience and teach them what’s safe and what’s not safe to watch while encouraging the creation of clean content that would result in the exhibition and distribution of clean content on the diverse media platform. The Board will be working with Google on the one million for one million Ksh rewards for artistes who populate their YouTube with one million subscribers in clean content

“Clean content has a positive cultural and social impact on society as a whole and therefore it’s the responsibility of every individual to uphold the right values. Involving all the stakeholders in matters of ensuring that clean content is really essential in our societies. We need to be very careful. In an inclusive society like the way we have in Kenya, each and every individual have their own opinions, however, we should all focus on the bigger picture, ensuring that we have a clean content for our kids.

“We are pleased to announce the Nairobi Region #KFCBCleanContentAward Ambassador. Nairobi Region Clean Content Ambassador is Mr. Tobias Mulwa alias Tobbias MC Mukulu Bisengo of Elevax Media. Congratulations to Toby and all the best in your new Role at the KFCB Board,” said Ezekiel Mutua.

The nominee was selected through a rigorous process that focused on a proven track record of quality production, exhibition & distribution of content and the scope and reach of the music. KFCB said that it is satisfied that today’s nominee for the Nairobi Region has produced music that meets the Board’s threshold of the requirements of the Clean Content Ambassador in that his music is, educative, informative and entertaining.

Parents and guardians have been urged to be on to be alert on what content their children are watching over this festive holiday.

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