#CampusLifeKe Memes Bring all the Comic Relief you Need, Here’s Some of the Best


If I could turn back time, I would get into the long weekends of parte after parte and sleepovers in between the week, only to miss classes, and stay late in the night to cram for end of Semester exams. Going through campus made adulthood fun. While the better part of life revolved around hostels, classes, and school mess, life was as good as deep your pockets were with HELB loan to squander in the first few weeks into the semester and barely enough to survive for the remaining days.

Breathing the air of unlimited freedom excited the spirit of adventure in many of us who would rather skip classes to watch movies or play Fifa, while a handful of the rest spend their time book worming in the library in search of first-class honors, a dream that many never actualized. The only enemy of progress were exams that saw everyone get switch into serious mode trying to escape from missing marks or retakes.

Everyone dreaded chasing and begging lecturers for missing marks so they could graduate. Graduation was always a big deal. KOT decided to throw it back to how campus life was back in the days and this relatable memes will put you down memory lane in laughter.

1. To those roomies who made you question your sexual appeal.

2. Trying to fit in by all means. 

3. When the going gets tough.

4. It’s never a bed of roses. We all had a taste of either or a concoction of all.

5. Kwa ground vitu ni different.

6. Having a laptop was such a big deal. Could get you all the girls in the block.

7. Getting a zero was good enough compared to missing the CAT completely.

8. Being broke was a nightmare, it could cost you a fortune.


9. That night before the main exams.

10. When you have to survive the remaining of the Semester on Ksh 500 bob

11. Shout out to those classmates who saved your lazy arse.