HELB Threatens to Expose Loan Defaulters but KOT Won’t Have It

KOT react to Helb threats

HELB Loan beneficiaries who have defaulted the repayment of the loan since 1975 have been given a 30-day deadline by the Higher Education Loans Board to repay their loans, failure to which their names and photos will be published in the country’s dailies, and legal action may ensue.

“HELB wishes to notify the general public and loan defaulters that the HELB student loan is a government debt which should be repaid as per the terms and conditions on which it was advanced. However, some beneficiaries who are in default have not responded to previous communication addressed to them yet the funds received from loan repayment are used to support the current needy students, therefore, sustained default hinders funding of other deserving Kenyan youth,” read part of the statement.

What a bad joke! KOT, as expected got mixed reactions to this outrageous demand from the state corporation, a majority painting a picture of irony and how HELB’s mission will hit rock bottom because of the employment state in the country. Some threw in hilarious memes and comments to express themselves and here are a few that will crack you up.

1. How jobless youths are reading tweets on HELB.

2. Just when you thought you have seen it all.

3. Ifike Ngina Kenyatta

4. Photos of broke young people.

5. Let the match begin, may the best win.

6. We will have to borrow to repay.

8. Youths are jobless

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