How to Spend December Holiday on a Low Budget

December Holiday on low budget

The year 2019 is about to breathe its last as the festive season is beckoning from a few weeks away. Your holiday will be as good as the depth of your pockets, but even in their shallowness, you can still hack it.

The festive season in Kenya is characterized by most folks traveling upcountry and the few that remain in the city enjoy great deals and offers in restaurants, bars, supermarkets, and events to crown the last month of the year While it last, it’s essential to have a plan on how you will utilize your finance to minimize costs and maximize utility. Here is how you make the most out of these December Holiday,

1. Have a budget.

If you operate on a fixed income, it will be prudent you allocate your scarce resources proportionately to your needs, prioritizing one that is on-demand and while at putting some away in your savings accounts. A budget will help you account for your expenditure and help you plan for next year.

2. Get your travel ticket earlier.

Traveling upcountry can be a pain in the arse when you decide to join the rest of last-minute Kenyans to get a bus or shuttle home. You can get your bus ticket as early as now when the rated has not been inflated, and bookings in advance no longer an option. A two-way ticket will save you the struggles of reporting back to Nairobi in January when schools will be opening and bus stations flocked.

3. Take advantage of sales promotions, deals, and offers.

In the festive seasons, businesses trap customers with amazing deals for inventory turnovers. What you would have bought in between January and November could be going for half the prices in your favorite supermarkets. This could be a good opportunity to buy in plenty and save more. Holiday sales can be an a perfect opportunity to save money, however be careful not all deals are legit.

4. DIY Gifts

You can get creative with family gifts. You could surprise them with a sumptuous homemade meal or some jewelry and accessories made from local resources.  Preparing the gifts on time is a workable plan. It’s better much better than showing up empty-handed. As opposed to buying gifts from physical shops in high-end malls, you can explore the e-commerce platforms and place an order for your gift.

5. Avoid loans.

Societal pressure could get inside your head during the festive season and twist your mind into borrowing to spend. Well, the idea of having money in your pocket could be tempting, but you should equally think about where you will get more to meet your financial obligations when they fall due.

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