Why You Should Shelve the Idea of a Holiday in Coast This December

December Holiday

Coastal towns in Kenya are tempting. The likes of Lamu, Mombasa, Watamu just to mention but a few are perfect holiday destinations at any time of the month. From the Swahili cuisine, overstretched white sandy beaches, the fresh breeze from the ocean, to archaeological sites like the Fort Jesus, Gedi Ruins and the Vasco da Gama pillar. This must be topping the to-do list of a potential domestic tourist eyeing the coast this festive season.

While having a good time matter the most this December Holiday, your idea of visiting the Kenyan coast to fulfill that desire may be faced with a number of hurdles that could water it down to a terrible experience. With our peculiar habits as Kenyans of getting things done last minute, one may be frustrated by a not well-planned visit to the Kenyan coast on the following grounds.

1. Overcrowded

If not all then a majority of folks had Mombasa, Lamu or Watamu as their holiday destination this December. Some of them started booking as early as the beginning of the year, for their families and spouses. All roads have now headed the coast. Don’t be surprised if you bump into your ex, holding hands with her mzungu bae, walking barefooted in the white sands.

2. Inflated prices

Most of the transport means to travel to the Coast are fully booked. The available options are been without doubt doubled in price. It might cost you so much more to go to the cost only to get accommodation in those cities thrice as bad. If you are not willing to pay the high price, you might be forced to sleep in some dingy hotel one eye open because they probably will be offering substandard prices to make some quick bucks off the high demand.

3. Insecurity

Cases of robbery and thievery become rampant during the festive season. Criminals are good at smelling money and goodies in the pockets of visitors who all too often are unaware of the environment. While you might be out there seeping you madafu, exposing your melanin to the rest of the world, a gang of robbers could be watching your every move waiting for the right time to attack.

4. January will be a nightmare.

If you live from paycheck to paycheck, you better have enough saved for the December holiday because it does not come cheap. This is the time your hard-earned money makes its way into clubs, bars, and expensive restaurants to wine and dine like a billionaire you are in your dreams. So when January knocks in, you might be high and dry, not even a coin to pay school fees for your children or for that matter pay rent.

5. Scammers

Every Tom, Harry, and Dick will be on the lookout for easy prey. Perhaps it’s your fast time on the coast, having trouble finding a good place to spend the night. Then comes a good samaritan who sweeps you off your feet in a bewitching Swahili accent only to wake up in the middle of nowhere without clothes and everything else in your possession missing. Don’t be too trusting.

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