KRA Ordered To Lift Directive Forcing Importers To Use SGR Cargo System

Importers forced to use SGR Cargo

The SGR cargo train has struggled to attract adequate volumes, with investors afraid of at the tariffs to transport goods from the Mombasa port to the ICD in Nairobi. In August, Kenya Revenue Authority and the Kenya Ports Authority issued a joint public notice to importers requiring them to move their containers from Mombasa to Nairobi Inland Container Depot (ICD) through the SGR.

“It has come to the notice of Kenya Revenue Authority that some importers whose destination address is Nairobi are currently using falsified Mombasa addresses as a destination in a bid to avoid the transfer of their cargo from Mombasa to Inland Container Deport Nairobi for clearance, this is a deliberate attempt to transfer cargo through SGR to ICD Nairobi.

“KRA hereby notifies importers and the general public that customs clearance shall be facilitated either in Mombasa or Nairobi only when correct KRA Pin address has been manifested and used in the customs declaration,” read a statement from the authority

The controversial move saw importers protest against the directive. Appearing before the senate today, Transport CS said that the directive had been moved but some traders complained that the implementation of the lift was yet to be effected.

Representatives from Kenya Revenue Authority and Kenya Ports Authority were put under oath to commit to the particular order and swear that the directive that initially restricted importers to move goods all the way from Mombasa port to the Inland container Depot in Nairobi be lifted and there should actually be free movement of goods.

CS Macharia informed the senate the public that is planning on doing away with the container freight services at the Port of Mombasa as for a long time they have been used for contraband purposes and tax evasion.

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