Angry Christians Blast Netflix For ‘Gay Jesus’ Christmas Special

Comedy Depicts Jesus as Gay

Christians love their Jesus straight and anything tarnishing his name for money could almost start a revolution as it is the case with Netflix who treated Christians with a Christmas special comedy dubbed The First Temptation of Christ depicting Jesus as gay and Mary the mother of Jesus smoking weed.

In “The First Temptation”, Jesus, who is turning thirty, brings a special guest to meet his parents, Mary and Joseph. It is implied that Jesus and his male friend are in a sexual relationship. The program caused an uproar, especially in Brazil, where more than 120 million Brazilians comprise the world’s largest Catholic population.

“Christians and non-Christians have asked me to take action against the irresponsible members of Porta dos Fundo. It’s time we took collective action churches and all good people to put an end to this,” said a Brazilian Pastor and Congressman.

Now over 1 million angry Netflix subscribers offended by comedy special have signed a petition calling for Netflix to stop streaming it, accusing the satire of seriously offending Christians. Those Christians who signed the petition  called the program ‘offensive to God and Catholics’, an ‘immoral movie against family, against society’ ‘disgusting, and ‘will bring wrath on those who even giggle at the notion that Christ could be tempted in such a perverse way.’

If the petition is signed by at least 3 million people, the  Porta dos Fundos, a Brazil-based YouTube group translated to backdoor in Englis will be held responsible for the crime of villainous faith.

Bold enough, the group poked fun at the controversy and took to Twitter to share a second petition, calling The First Temptation of Christ tragic and sad. This isn’t the first Jesus-centric satire they’ve done. Last year’s The Last Hangover, which included a very drunk Last Supper, even won the International Emmy Award for best comedy web television special.

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