Man ‘Gets His Testicle Removed’ After Trump’s Impeachment and the Twitter Reactions Are Hilarious

Donald Trump Impeachment

One twitter user Joey Saladino on 25th September this year dared to have his testicle removed for a donation in medical research in the event that President Trump gets impeached. Yesterday POTUS Donald Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives on accounts of two charges and social media has been bursting with mixed reactions to the news.

The first charge being abuse of power, stemming from Mr. Trump’s alleged attempt to pressure Ukraine to announce investigations into his Democratic political rival, Joe Biden. The second charge is obstruction of Congress because he allegedly refused to co-operate with the impeachment inquiry, withholding documentary evidence and barring his key aides from giving evidence. This sets up a trial in the Senate that will decide whether Trump remains in office or not.

Joey, today kept his word and proved it to the world that he went under the knife in a photo that has got Twitterati wagging their tongues. Clever Joey also attached a  thank you note from the National Testicle Association his generous donation promising a tax deduction for charitable contribution just to wipe the slate clean of any doubts that he could be pranking his followers.

For a moment one would believe that he actually did it, but hawk-eyed fans could smell a lie from a mile away attracting hilarious reactions from his post.

  1. We could use some solid evidence

2. This was a good one for the retweets

3. Oxygene and testicles???

4. Man of the match maybe.

5. Some balls, please.

6. We almost bought that

7. Well done brother

8. Lol!

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