10 Achievable Resolutions To Kickstart Your 2020


While the new year promises good tidings, the idea of putting down resolutions for 2020 is one many would shy away from for fear that they may backslide along the way or better yet not put any efforts towards materializing them. You don’t need a book full of what you wish to achieve at the end of the year.

How about breaking down your ideas into short term goals that culminate into a realized goal at the end of the year? The temptation to let the Njanuary fever overshadow our resolutions can be tempting, but if you put your shit together, you can see them through. On matters resolution, we are looking at finances, career, health and fitness, investments and most important your spiritual life.

So where do you get started?

1. A renewed relationship with God.

You definitely want God on your side. He has seen you through 2019, and you will need His hand in 2020 during those dark moments when everything stops making sense and your faith put to test. I’m not deep into religion but those addicted to Christ will tell you that you need to honor God in your life, prayers, tithes and that kind of stuff.

2. Saving as much as you can as often as possible

Pass by the market and get a Karimo if you do not trust yourself with money in the bank on your phone. Trust you me the last thing you want is get caught up in a financial jam and begging people to help you with cash. My dear save for the rainy days so when it pours a good one, you will be home and dry, your coffers overflowing.

3. Hitting the gym twice a week

You don’t want to die young because you overfed on junk and refused to burn calories off your system. Get a buddy and kill an hour plus on that treadmill running on a bicycle cycling. You might live happily ever after, doctor’s a bay, a healthy strong heart to keep you going for a couple of decades before the Good Lord calls you to rest.

4. Getting a side gig

Ends must meet, you need to be making more than you are earning. Your evenings and weekends should be put to better use. Sales and marketing jobs come in handy, running a small grocery store or a Kinyozi in your hood is a good way to start. By all means, snap out of your comfort zone.

5. Eating healthy

You should make friends with fruits and vegetables and go slow processed foods. Consume more of organic foodstuffs, fresh from farms grown using fewer chemicals and more of animal manure. You definitely want to avoid foodstuffs laced with sodium metabisulfite and or grown with carcinogenic substances.

6. Taking evening classes

Getting promoted at your place of work could fall on your laps when you have what it takes. Having what it takes means of investing in parttime classes for a course that will add to your qualifications and grant you a competitive edge for a top position in your firm.

7. Meeting new people often

This is the year you are looking to grow your net worth by expanding your network. You might want to go for more events, platforms where you will meet potential clients, future employees. So if shit hits the fan in your line of duty, you have a couple of straws to clutch on before rock bottom welcomes you with open arms.

8. Reading widely

The culture of reading sharpens your mind and enhances your ability to consume more information and stay knowledgeable. Keeping abreast of what’s trending locally and internationally helps you with better judgment and making informed decisions.

9. Perfecting your culinary skills

It is about that time you graduate from takeaways to homemade meals. The University of Youtube is the place to get started. With determination, you could become the most sought-after chef in your household. For those in a relationship, getting better at this at it could see a man put a ring around your finger faster.

10. Being adventurous

Promoting domestic tourism is a good way to spend your holiday. Horse racing in Ngong Racecourse, bike riding in Karura, climbing mount Kenya visiting the coast, should be on your list.