How to Switch Courses after University Placements In 2020


The university and college placement is not tailored to suit the desires of every student who excelled in their KCSE exams. All too often candidates land courses that they did not desire to pursue on-campus despite their performance.

Good news though, university and colleges allow for a student to switch courses and campuses in the first month of reporting, to give them an equal chance to align themselves with their passion and career goals.

There are two ways to go about it.

1. Through application via KUCCPS.

KUCCPS, the body mandated with the placement of students into universities and colleges, allows for revision of courses. With this option comes the liberty to switch university through the inter institution application transfer, depending on the availability of the course in that particular institution they have been placed in.

Candidates are allowed to revise the courses they have been called to pursue into what they feel they have the right qualifications to pursue at Ksh 1000. It does not come as a guarantee, but it is a good starting point for anyone who is in dire need of switching courses. One can visit the kuccps website and log in for more details.

2. Intraschool applications.

Universities offer a short window for freshers to switch courses in different schools. One can switch from the school of medicine to school pf engineering. Career offices and student service offices in almost every university systems provide guidance and referrals to the student support center to get the correct forms to fill.

Your application will be reviewed by your current department and the department you wish to switch to. Those whose applications are approved receive an email and are able to kick start their career journey on the right path.

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