How To Defer From University In Kenya


It is the desire of every student joining higher institutions of learning to pursue their career goals to be ale to graduate on time and jump into the job market. For a number of reasons, one may be forced to discontinue their study to pursue other endeavors and continue later.

Lack of school fees, medical conditions, a better job opportunity, scholarship just to mention but a few are some of the reasons, that inform one’s decision to discontinue their studies. How does one defer from a university on a good note and without much hustle?

1. Writing directly to the Academic Registrar

The role of an Academic Registrar in any institution of higher learning is to plan, organize and manage all of the activities related to the admissions, enrolment records and registration of students, including serving as the official authorized keeper of the University’s student record.

One can write to the Academic Registrar or alternatively fill the deferment form provided by the institution and submit to the admissions office on time, preferably a week before admission.

2.Successive deferment applications

An applicant will be required to apply to defer admission on an annual basis but after the second year the offer of admission will lapse and the applicant will be required to re-apply afresh for admission.

Failure to inform the Academic Registrar of deferment of admission will be deemed to have forfeited your position and will be deregistered from the university database.

3. Official letter of deferment from the Academic Registrar

If your deferment application is successful, you will receive an official letter of deferment of admission from the Academic Registrar. In the future when you are ready to join the university, it will be less hustle to get back in the system.

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