Surrogate Mom Flips Script On Gay Couple Leaves Them In Ksh4 Million Debt

Surrogate mom

A gay couple is suffering from emotional and mental trauma and is currently embroiled in a bitter legal row with their surrogate after she refused to sign a parental order to hand over their premature twin daughters unless they gave her more money.

When the couple could not cough an extra £3,000, she gave the babies new names and claimed her boyfriend was the father but had paid upfront her surrogacy expenses in full using their life savings, which amounted to almost £17,000.

The newborns had been born premature and were transferred to the Intensive Care Unit, ti fight for their lives. One of the babies needed resuscitating twice and another CPR due to complications from being premature.

“Due to our surrogate’s actions, we have not been able to enjoy the time we have had with our girls. Both having to try and work as much as we possibly can to break even and get us out of this downward spiral,” they complained.

During the legal proceedings, the couple claimed the woman requested they be banned from visiting their daughters in hospital as they lay on their death beds, as she wanted to keep the twins

The pair were forced to get loans worth £26,000 for legal fees it cost to prove they were the rightful fathers. This on top of near £17,000 they already paid to the surrogate means they are over £40,000 in debt with three children to look after having already one son from a successful surrogate in 2015.

Well-wishers chipped in more than £5,000 and sent hundreds of supportive messages to the couple.