Man Gets WhatsApp Admin Status, Turns Out Great Power Was too much Responsibility

Whatsapp Admins

Like every classroom, Whatsapp groups need prefects to oversee the discussion and contributions by group members, so as to maintain relevance and stay the course. While some group admin are impeccable at the leadership role bestowed upon them, others just can’t keep it together.

This WhatsApp group admin took a break from his duty and delegated his duty to another group member who humbly requested to step into his shoes while he was away for a week and what became of it is hilarious.

It started off well with his request to take over being accepted. He officially became the admin of Group and Sandwiches a position he was grateful for and promised to do a great job at it.

He kick-started his new role by setting new rules particularly on the quality of posts members were sharing on the group, after airing his concerns about them. Henceforth, he informed members that he will randomly be selecting and rating their posts out of 9. He went on to give a threshold of 5/9 as the standard mark for a good post, below which members will be removed from the group.

As expected folks laugh it off like it were some bad joke until it hit them hard that the new admin meant every word he said when he removed one Neil for posting something out of context at that particular and one Simon for reacting to Neil’s removal with a laughing emoji. He did not shy off from rating their comments, giving a detailed explanation as to why he removed them from the group.

Weighing in on the seriousness of the matter, noisemakers decided to pipe down with fear that they would be kicked out. Noticing the unusual silence in the group, he decreed that cowards must be punished and went forth in rating the rest of the members at 0/9.

Literally, what was left of the group was two people, after his efforts to improve the standard of the posts, hit the South road pretty quick.

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