Issuance Of National Documents Will Be a One Day Service – CS Matiang’i

National Documents one day service

A recent corruption survey done in the country listed the Ministry Of Interior and Coordination as the most corrupt. Under this Ministry is the notorious Department of Immigrations, tasked with the issuance of birth and date certificates, Identification Card, Passports among others.

Thousands of Kenyans have had to bribe their way into getting some of these important documents, while those whose pockets were not deep enough had to wait for ages before they could get them. Speaking to the public in Mombasa CS Matiang’i expressed his disappointment in the immigration officers frustrating locals after his recent visit most in Kisii. Starting July, getting your national documents will be a one-day affair.

“Most of our services are now digitized, why would it take a Kenyan seven days to get a birth certificate other than corruption? We will not subject citizens of this country to that behavior.  By the first of July this year, issuance of national documents will be the same day service unless you are applying from outside Nairobi, like when you are applying for passports or ID from Nairobi,” he noted.

Matiangi mentioned that within the next two weeks there will be a helpline which will be open to the public to report any problems or frustrations with the immigration officers,  so that the county commissioners through the regional commissioner may take action in the field.

The CS insisted that this year, his ministry cannot experience be termed as the most corrupt and as soon as the report comes out, the directors whose department will be mention will be fired on the office the same day. He concluded by has urging regional commissioners to focus on service provisions as it will be the point of transformation and those engaging monkey businesses will be charged ina court of law.