EABL On Spotlight for Harassing Local Bar Owner Over Bottle

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The fight between EABL and Keroche Brewers Keroche over the engraving of the commonly used 500ml Euro bottles has put the two brewers at loggerhead for a while now. Of the recent development was when Keroche filed a petition against EABL over the bottles noting that the giant brewer was dragging local bar owners into the mud.

Among them was Agneta Loise Munzi who had petitioned the High Court to stop her prosecution on the charge of using EABL engraved Euro bottles at her Arusha Bar and Plan B Bar in Ilbissil town within Kajiado County, after the after police raided her bar on December 27, 2019, and seized the bottles.

Her petition claimed that the marking of the bottles by EABL was employed to discourage bar owners from stocking competitors’ products, arguing that the engraving of the 500ml universal bottle had created an environment conducive for corruption and bribery and was disruptive of the business environment.

On Wednesday, January 15, the court issued an order prohibiting the police or any other person from arraigning, charging or prosecuting her over the bottles. This order saw netizens on twitter call out the giant brewer for unfairly trying to muscle out other competitors in a free market economy.

Using the hashtag #LoisMunziVsEABL on Thursday, January 16, KOT urged the brewer to stop frustrating small traders in its quest to extend its market share.

1.EABL is a big fish that should be caught

2. She conducted her business well

3. Double standards

4. Justice must be served

5. Small businesses frustration

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