How to Apply For a Late Birth Certificate in Kenya

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A birth certificate is a vital document that every person born and raised in Kenya should have, as it is crucial accessing most public services. Applications for birth certificates in Kenya are to be registered within six months, through the Ministry of Interior and Coordination under the Department of Immigration.

What about those who miss out on the six months window? The law provides room for The late registration of birth certificate to take care of all the births in Kenya that have not been registered within six months from the date of the birth of the child.

What are the requirements?

One is required to fill the Late Birth certificate form (b3) and then avail themselves at the Civil Registration office with the following documents.

For minors

  • Clinic Card
  • Parents Orignal ID Card/Passport/Births Certificate.
  • Additional Documents may be requested e.g Antinatal records or letter from Lawyer or Chief

For adults

  • Identity Card
  • Parents Orignal ID Card/Passport/Births Certificate.
  • School leaving Certificate (Form Four or Class 8).
  • Baptismal Card.

B3 form contains different fields that the applicant must fill. The first part contains the personal information details, part two of the application form contains the residential status of the applicant while the third part is meant for the details in the submitted supporting documents like ID and passport numbers.

The Chief and assistant chief are to verify the information filled and provide a signature. What remains for county officers and commissioners to acknowledgment your particulars through the chief. After completing the application, one is required to print the application form and the invoice showing a fee of Ksh 150 paid to the Birth registration office and submit them to the registrar for the birth certificate processing at ACK Garden House behind NSSF Block, along Bishops Road.

The current limit for late registration is six months from the onset for the date of birth of the child on a maximum of 60 years from the date of birth.