Babu Owino’s Extended Remand Stay Over Attempted Murder Case Gets Kenyans MEME Happy

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino

For the better part of last week, Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has been the talk of the town for alleged for shooting a DJ while partying at B-Club, a high-end bar, in Nairobi’s Kilimani estate on 17th January. In a video clip that went viral, the outspoken MP is seen fishing out a gun from his pocket and firing twice straight ahead of him, only for the body of the DJ identified as DJ Evolve, to be dragged out by two men as revealed by a CCTV footage.

DJ Evolve alias Felix Orinda is said to have been rushed to Nairobi Hospital, where he was to undergo surgery because his condition was critical, lucky for him all his vital were in good shape and according to friends and family, he is out of the woods now and is recuperating. Babu was later arrested following a public uproar on social media demanding justice for DJ Evolve.

Appearing before the Chief Magistrate Francis Monday, he pleaded not guilty to unlawfully attempting to try to cause the death of Felix Orinda by shooting him on the neck. The troubled legislator was remanded for seven days awaiting the determination of his bail application on January 27 after the bail report has been filed by the probation team determining the application.

The Milimani Chief Magistrate also declined the request to have the legislator detained at the Gigiri Police Station where he has been held since being arrested on Friday. The outcome of the hearing threw cheeky Kenyans into a frenzy, who went ahead to welcome Babu into prison life with these hilarious memes.

1. Babu Owino be looking like a snack for the prisoners.

2. How double standard be working for Babu.

3. The year is 2060, history resurfaces.

4. Reality checking in.

5. To seven days in remand!

6. The night will be longer than usual I bet

7. Werokamu

8. How fleas and bedbugs will be playing with Babu’s skin.