African Migrants Much Welcomed In UK After Brexit

UK Pm Boris Johnson

Britain will now be more open to African migrants after Brexit. Speaking during the opening the first UK-Africa Investment Summit in London on Monday, intended to boost trading ties UK Prime Minister told African leaders that Britain would be more open to migrants from their continent after Brexit.

During the conference involving 16 national leaders and representatives of another five countries, h said that he wanted to make Britain their investment partner of choice, after pointing out what Britain has to offer noting that Brexit would mean an end to preferential treatment for EU migrants. Britain has less than two weeks to leave the EU, although ties will remain the same for 11 months while the two sides seek a new trading relationship.

“Our immigration system is becoming fairer and more equal between all our global friends and partners, treating people the same, wherever they come from. By putting people before passports we will be able to attract the best talent from around the world, wherever they may be,” he said.

Boris also mentioned that there will be a shift in investment strategy to help combat global warming, as he promised an end to direct UK state investment in thermal coal mining or coal power plants overseas, saying London would focus on supporting a switch to low-carbon energy sources.

Most African leaders look forward to Brexit as it will offer an opportunity for increased free trade across the Commonwealth and highlight visas as a key issue. This concerted effort to grow ties and links through trade could act as a spur to encourage togetherness and the certainty of belonging among Africans.

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