KWS faulted for the Death of Rare Bird Osprey that Flew from Finland

Rare migratory bird Osprey Dead

On January 23, Kenya was treated to a rare migratory bird known as Osprey that flew to Kenya from Finland, covering a distance of 6,948 kilometers or 4,317 miles to land in West Imbo Location, Usalu Village, Bondo Sub County in Siaya County.

Unfortunately, the four-year-old bird died on the weekend under the care of Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) veterinarians and KWS licensed Paptor Rehabilitation Cente in Karen Nairobi and netizens are not happy about it.

“We regret to announce the death of the Osprey bird despite all efforts to rehabilitate it back into the wild,” read an official statement from KWS.

According to KWS, a post-mortem examination conducted on the bird attributed the death to long term starvation which precipitated systemic organ failure. By the time the bird was delivered to the city, it had been severely dehydrated, weak and emaciated from the long flight and minor injuries while trapped by the fishing net.

The bird weighed 950g against the normal range of 1.3-1.8kg weight of an adult osprey and was being nursed back to good health with a plan to release it at the exact site it was rescued in the Lake Victoria catchment so that the bird does not lose its bearings on the return epic flight Northwards in early March.

Twitteratis blamed KWS for not taking good care of the Osprey and reminded the public of the 11 of rhinos that mysteriously died in the wildlife under their care in 2018.


2. Someone had the nerve

3. The bird should have recovered

4. Poor bird

5. KWS should do better

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