Hivisasa Shuts Down, Renders Thousands of Writers Jobless

The blogosphere has been a solid means to an end for thousands of Kenyan graduates who have failed to secure opportunities in the formal sectors but are still determined to earn a living. While one can make some good money through contributing content to blogs, the struggle is real.

One popular blog has shut down after six good years of providing Kenyans online with news content. In an official statement seen by Urbwise, the platform has called it quits after six years of providing Kenyans online with news content, despite garnering massive a massive audience for its unique niche.

“Over the last six years, thousands of talented Hivisasa news writers have tirelessly reported on Kenya’s counties and national politics. Their work helped Hivisasa grow a steady audience of 2 million monthly readers, peaking at 6.1 million. The influence of the platform is demonstrated regularly by the social impact of its original county stories, which drive collective action and civic engagement,” read the statement in part.

The cause of its downfall was cited at the platforms’ inability to identify a viable advertisement led business model, which has been effectively executed by its giant rivals in the industry.

“Despite growing its audience and impact, Hivisasa has, like many other publishers globally, been unable to identify a viable advertisement-led business model. As a result, we have made the hard decision to close down the current model of local news production, in order to explore new ideas and opportunities. A special thank you to our brilliant and dedicated team, and to our loyal readers,” read a public statement from Hivisasa’s Founder and CEO.

This sudden news comes at a time when the government is looking into regulating digital platforms and introducing taxes which have enjoyed years of freedom of expression.

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