7 Special Ways to Spend Your Valentine’s Day On a Budget

Valentines 2020

Flowers, chocolates, and dinners are popular for marking Valentine’s day and if you have been saving up for it, it’s about that time you come up with a solid plan on how you will blow this day away. This year’s 14th February falls on a Friday, giving you more than enough time to dig deep in the well of loves so as to rekindle and reconnect with your significant other.

In 2020, stepping out of your comfort zone and trying to something different could go a long way in your relationship as opposed to doing things the old fashioned ways. While at it, you wanna live within the means of your constrained resources, so you may still be able to sustain your daily needs for the rest of the month before your next salary

Here are special ways to make it happen,

1. Netflix and Chill

Thousands of Nairobians are probably thinking of buying a ticket for a movie night at Imax. The hustle of getting an uber, pushing through crowds and waiting on long queues can be put in the past if you settle for a wonderful modern experience that comes in two; a couple on movies to watch and company at the comfort of your own couch.

You don’t have to settle for a romantic movie, you could try a comedy special or some action to get you on. Don’t be boring.

2. Romantic Date Night

Nairobi has a beautiful joint that could spark your valentine’s date. For these preplanned evenings, you might want to put on your thigh high slitted dress, wear makeup, let your hair down and step into the night looking yummy.  Away from your daily routine and work responsibilities, you should disappear into a disclosed location to remind each other of what it feels like to be in love for that while.

3. Order your favorite meal

Onto this list, you could add your favorite bottle of wine. You can do away with cooking for this special night. At around this time of the year, restaurants and popular eating joints have amazing offers for their customers. Shelve the idea of jumping onto pizza and fries o and settle for something with a touch of your grandmother’s kitchen expertise.

You don’t have to make an order from a high-end restaurant, with exaggerated pricing. Do some digging on the different restaurants and what their menu entails so you can have a variety to chose from or make multiple orders.

4. Go for a drive

You could hit the road to wherever. Away from this chaotic city under the sun to somewhere serene where you can breathe fresh air into your relationship and unwind. Go off and explore the wilds of Kenya, then later you can pamper yourselves with indulgent spa treatments, enjoy luxurious accommodation and cool off in a warmed pool where evening breezes waft across in one of those fancy motels on your way.

5. Host a game night

Be creative and invite your favorite couples over for a game. Have some drinks snd let the fun begin. Romantic scrabble, picture game, truth or dare, romantic scavenger hunt, I love you because are some of the easy to play games. You could further explore online games that could work the magic on this night.

6. Cook dinner together

When was the last time you prepared a sumptuous meal as a couple? If you both love cooking, this option could work out perfectly. With a list of recipes, you’d like to try out, settle for something you’d like to try out and get in the kitchen.

Some carbohydrates accompanied with pork ribs, garnished with kachumbari and a cocktail of God knows what, together with other dishes could add up to a five-course meal if you have such plans.

7. Exchange gifts

This is the highlight of the day. Flowers and chocolates should be accompanied by a gift of your choice suitable for your partner. Craft a sweet love message, or a romantic poem to keep the fire burning.