Uganda Intros New Law on Litter and Dirty Houses, but the Fines Are Outrageous

New Uganda law on trash

Uganda has gone over and above its counterparts in the Region in a new law on litter. In a new law passed by the Ugandan parliament seeking to create a framework of environmental orderliness, persons found dropping trash outside a litter bin will be slapped with Sh 2Million upon conviction. From now henceforth all premises will be required to have litter bins. The law also targets folks who love throwing rubbish out of moving cars and sugar cane loaders and street vendors who dispose off their trash recklessly.

“Every person in Uganda is now under the obligation to refrain from littering or dropping trash outside the litter bin. Upon conviction, the offender will be fined Sh 2Milion Ugandan shillings, or face imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year or both,” noted Ugandan Minister for Urban Development.

Also, the new law demands that houses be painted regularly so they may look tidy, failure to which owners would be fined

“It is now an offense for a house to look untidy. It is now an offense to have one’s premise not painted regularly and slash the green patch. This offense attracts a fine of Sh 2Million or imprisonment exceeding one year or both,” he added.

Local police officers and the relevant agencies have been asked to work closely with the Physical Planning Board to apprehend offenders. This new law creates a legal duty on every Ugandan to be conscious of the environment and protect it by all means. Netizens have been encouraged to report to the board anyone seen committing the offense.