List Of Best Rated Auctioneers In Kenya

Auctioneers In Kenya

The idea of buying property in a public action is great. Property auction is becoming a popular method of buying properties due to the speed at which sales can be completed and the security they offer. There are quite a number of items that can be publicly auctioned.

Most properties for sale by auction can be found in newspapers, through real estate agents, auctioneers ranging from repossessed properties, unmortgageable properties, development projects, and standard residential properties. In today’s time and date, some property auctions are carried online where agents are appointed by the vendor to arrange viewings in order to generate interest in the property and to encourage potential buyers to make an offer.

While the business of auctioneering may be legit, fraudsters always find a way to swindle money from civilians who may have little knowledge of companies in Kenya licensed to carry out such businesses. Here is a list of auctioneers in Kenya and the different services they offer.

1. Garam Investment Auctioneers

Established in 1994, Garam Investments boasts of 25 years of experience in the auctioneering business making them among the best in the profession. Carrying out its auctioneering and repossession business strictly in accordance with the Auctioneers Act must have earned it the public trust.  They deal with both commercial and industrial properties. Location is on the 5th floor Western Heights Karuna Road Westlands.

2. Valley Auctioneers

Established by a former member of the Auctioneers Licencing Board and the first National Chairman National Association of Kenya Auctioneers, Valley auctioneer made a name for itself when it became the first firm instructed to recover a debt of over 1.5 Billion.

Among their services include, the realization of security property for the banks and financial institutions, repossessions on behalf of various banks, execution of court warrants, levy distress, process servers, and debt collection. The location is along Haile Selassie Avenue.

3. Lolwe Auctioneers

Licensed by The Kenya Auctioneers Licensing Board and The Kenya High Court Lolwe conduct the following business including, Public Auction, repossession of movable securities, the realization of charged immovable securities by banks and financial institutions, execution of court warrants, eviction orders and distress for rent services. The location is Harambee Avenue, Nkrumah Lane.

4. Jephys Auctioneers

Located along Mfangano street, Reli Co-op House, 4th floor, Jephys Auctioneers pride themselves in understanding their clients’ business processes to deliver customized solutions to meet their needs. Among the services, they offer include, repossession, debt recovery, and investigations.

5. Skypac Consult Auctioneers

Established in 2014 as a registered auctioneering business, the growing demand for their services has seen them climb the success ladder in such a short span of time. They mostly public auction cars and are located near Consolidated Bank, Koinange streets.

6. Antique Auctions

Their business niche is one of a kind, dealing in antique and rare pieces of collectibles consistently ranked as the top Accelerated auction Firm in Kenya and beyond. With highly trained and skilled individuals with backgrounds in auctioneering, real estate, development, finance, accounting, law, sales and marketing, antique provides a number of services including, conventional transactions, auctions and sealed bids of real property, collectibles, and personal property. Their administrative offices are situated in Lang’ata Hardy area near the Giraffe Manor.

7. Leakey’s Auctioneers

Registered in 2001 and licensed to undertake auctioneering business under the Auctioneers Act No.5 of1996 of the laws of Kenya, the firm has diversified in repossession of motor vehicles, machinery or any other items in pursuant to the provision of any written law or contract, debt collection, and general commission agents, sale of movable property among others. The premise is located along Lungalunga Road.

8. Upstate Auctioneers

They are a real estate auctioneer located along Ngara. They give you the best deals on real estate including houses, land, and properties

9. The Auction Centre

It is a limited liability partnership licensed to carry out the business auction yard services, vehicular storage, and warehousing within Kenya. Located along High view lane, Ridgeways road, off Kiambu road.

10. Vision Auctioneers

It is a group of auctioneers, repossessors, investigators and commission agents, located along Luthuli avenue.

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