Governors Propose NHIF Split Into Three Independent Agencies

NHIF Member Management Review

The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) has been on the spotlight over embezzlement of public funds and looting that has turned few into millionaires at the expense of common Mwananchi. Out of fear that this state corporation could be reduced to dust and what was one a system mandated to transform the health sector, become a public disgrace, the council of governors has proposed a change in how NHIF should be operated.

As per revenue expenditure projections presented before the National assembly in February, it was forecasted that the fund could start running deficits from as early as this year if no progressive changes were made.

They want the institution divided into three as part of reforms to restore order in the cash strained state agency, proposing that each of the three should handle independent roles of claims payment, accreditation of health facilities and the social insurance health fund. The Council of governors said that these three institutions would help restore order in the management of public resources at the NHIF.

“The NHIF reforms should thus aim at transforming the institution to set up a strong legal and regulatory framework, that will deliver Universal Healthcare,” said CoG chairman Wycliffe Oparanya.

NHIF was on the spotlight a few months ago over new regulations that were deemed punitive and retrogressive. President Uhuru, however, directed the Ministry of Health to immediately suspend the new recommendations by the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) that were to be effected at the beginning of this year, to pave way for further consultations following public outcry.

This directive came as a reprieve to Kenyans who were staring at heavy fines and the possibility of never benefitting from the scheme.