Pornhub Reports Increased Number of Views Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Pornhub stastistics grow during coronavirus outbreak

World Health Organization declared Coronavirus a pandemic following over 118,000 cases of infections in 114 countries and 4,291 deaths have been reported across the world since its outbreak. While the virus is spreading faster across the African continent, governments have imposed strict measure to prevent spread of the disease. Citizens have been encouraged to wash their hands regularly, practise social distancing and self-quarantine.

While other core businesses across the globe are slacking, Pornhub has been reporting increased traffic on its official site. On March 12, the adult website highlighted the effect of Coronavirus on its web traffic by sharing some statistics. In countries affected by COVID 19, traffic almost doubles, with Italy taking the lead. After it shut down its borders and imposed a national quarantine, daily traffic on Pornhub started to increase, now at 14 per cent, when the adult site started gifting Italian users free premium subscriptions.

“As the coronavirus spread around the world, Pornhub’s traffic did grow, but perhaps more interesting, we found that people were choosing to visit Pornhub at different times. On March 11, Pornhub’s worldwide traffic 5.7 per cent higher than usual for a Wednesday,” read the report.

The report further revealed that 2 a.m. traffic on March 11 was 11 per cent higher than usual, while the 8 a.m. traffic took a 9 per cent lower than the average. According to Pornhub, these changes could be linked to were due to the surge of remote work, as “people who did not need to commute to work the next day stayed up later and slept in longer than they normally would.”

The site also noted that there have been nearly seven million coronavirus-related searches on its site since late January, which of escalated on March 5, with 1.5 million entries across the globe.

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