Kenya Joins International Campaign ‘Travel Tomorrow’ To Create Awareness On COVID-19

Covid 19 Kenya

Coronavirus menace has become a global threat to economies, disrupting operations in major industries that have been core to our very own existence. In Kenya, 25 cases of people who have tested positive for the virus has been reported. While the government has banned all flight in and out of the country, encouraging social distancing and self-quarantine to curtail the pandemic, the country has been at the forefront in creating awareness.

It has joined the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) campaign to sensitize travellers about the importance of staying at home now while planning to travel later. Anchored on the need to put people’s health and safety at the forefront in the wake of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), the campaign dubbed ‘Travel Tomorrow’ is simply asking discerning travellers to first put on hold travel plans for now.

Locally, Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) is running an awareness campaign ‘Tujilinde Leo, Tusafiri Kesho’ targeting domestic tourists while on the international front, it pushes the ‘Travel Tomorrow’ message joining the rest of the world in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

“We join the rest of the destinations in putting people first and taking all precautions to flatten the COVID-19 curve. Like the rest of the world, the key measures remain washing hands, social distancing and self-quarantine for those who have recently arrived into the country or been in to contact with infected persons. The Kenyan tourism private sector has been in the frontline in securing both the safety of visitors and staff alike.

“After we have overcome the COVID-19 challenge, we will be happy to welcome the world back to Kenya for travel and leisure. Our tourism offering remains resilient in the face of this adversity and we will work to ensure that visitors to Kenya come back to their preferred travel destinations in Kenya,” said KTB Chief Executive Officer, Dr Betty Radier