Men With Sexual Dysfunctions Risk Early Death – Study

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This whole thing about men not being able to perform in bed does not just affect the old. Even the young and energetic have failed to rise to the occasion during coitus, disappointing their partners. To mitigate the risk of being branded failures in bed, most young men always resort alternatives which are harmful to their health. However, researchers have revealed that there could be more health complications to a mere erectile dysfunctional.

A team of researchers from KU Leuven-University Hospitals in Belgium, in their new study examining the relationship between hormone levels and sexual function in men, revealed that a man’s testosterone levels may not be as big of a warning sign as having erectile dysfunction. Testosterone is the primary sex hormone that’s key in the development of male reproductive tissues and for growing muscles, bone mass and body hair, and is usually low in elderly men.

“As both vascular disease and low testosterone levels can influence erectile function, sexual symptoms can be an early sign for increased cardiovascular risk and mortality,” said Dr Antonio lead researcher for the team

Their research was backed by examined data from nearly 2,000 men ages 40 to 79 who participated in the European Male Ageing Study, a large study that investigated age-related hormonal changes and health outcomes in older men. The participants’ sexual symptoms, including erectile dysfunction, morning erections and libido were being measured.  A follow up by the research team found that of the 25% of men who died, the participants with normal testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction had a 51% higher risk of death than those without those symptoms.

“Men dealing with sexual symptoms should keep in mind that this could be an early warning sign of poor or worsening health status as well as an increased risk for cardiovascular disease and mortality. It is important to discuss sexual symptoms with your doctors, as to identify and treat other cardiovascular risk factors or apparent cardiovascular disease,” he added.

Men with low total testosterone and the named sexual symptoms had a greater risk of early death than those with normal testosterone levels and no sexual symptoms, although low testosterone levels can be due to clogged arteries, or cardiovascular disease, which can suppress the blood flow necessary to create an erection.

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