Esther Passaris Receives Heavy Criticism For Branding Sanitary Pads With Her Face

Esther Passaris, Nairobi Women Rep

So Mama County, Esther Passaris was going on with her business as usual during the COVID-19 crisis, until she exited her fans with photos of sanitary towels branded with her face. For the better part of her career, the Nairobi women rep has been championing access to quality sanitary pads or women across the country.

The 55-year-old politician, philanthropist and social entrepreneur took to social media to share her developments. She noted that she had released nine hundred cartons of the sanitary hygiene products to girls living in Nairobi County on Wednesday and her face on the product caught the attention of many.

A curious twitter user asked why she had to had to plaster her face all over the sanitary towels when it is evidence enough that the products are the good work of her administration. Passaris quickly jumped in two defend her actions claiming that that is the only way she could be accountable to the public.

“The people who elected me get to know I have worked to get them sanitary towels; one of the many reasons they elected me to office. Branding takes accountability of my office to the grassroots. I cannot possibly hand over packets to each & every girl or woman who benefits. Can I?” she wrote.

While her gesture was welcomed by many, others blatantly pointed out they were not new to her PR stunts, a trick she has perfected over time. Here are some of the reactions

@Jane_Kyallo: Good gesture ma’am… I have to recognize your effort in helping the poor, women and PWDs… But you are way too loud, your picture is not necessary in this case.

@RobertB74932327: This is just another female Jaguar and Jicho pevu, Jack Ma never even had his name on his donations leave alone pic.

@alvin_mudi: This is a campaign strategy not good will from politician. Kenyans need to know the difference. We are no longer stupid. Its a shame when one woman uses other women to gain political mileage.

@thate_fae: We are busy fighting the pandemic that has loomed our country and you are out there branding yourself…! Are you okay??