Court Orders Lawyers and Police Watchdog to be Listed Among Essential Service Providers

Clerk helps man get released

Ever since the dusk to dawn curfew was imposed in the country as a measure to fight against COVID-19, Kenyans have been compliant except for the few who are yet to wrap their heads around the magnitude of the pandemic. Although the curfew was enforced weeks ago, some citizens have heard a hard time meeting their daily needs because they have not been included in the list of essential service providers.

Folks who live from hand to mouth and those whose businesses thrive at night have been the most affected and they have been begging the government to adjust the timelines so they can make some few coins. Some have lost their lives thanks to police brutality, forcing the Law Society of Kenya file a petition, seeking to have the curfew suspended, in the petition hey have also wanted the court to declare lawyers and the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) as essential service providers.

However, on the grounds of precautionary measures, Justice Weldon Korir rejected the petition to suspend the curfew, but ordered CS Matiang’i to have lawyers and IPOA included in the list of essential service providers.

“This is a precautionary measure taken by the government to help combat the spread of coronavirus, regulations should be formulated and issued on top of what is there to help solve the underlying problems,” he said.

LSK chair Nelson Havi responded to the decision saying that he will take the initiative to work with the police leaders to bring to justice to the rogue police that have abused their powers by taking lives of innocent Kenyans.

“We welcome the decision as the country is currently facing a pandemic and there is no any other better way to deal with it than imposing a curfew, but we appeal to the police to be custodians of the law as it is their responsibility and stop using unconstitutional means in dealing with the public,” he said.