Safaricom Channels Ksh 6.5 Billion Towards Combating COVID-19

Safaricom 2020

Telco Giant Safaricom, has outdone its corporate social responsibility during this COVID-19 pandemic that hasslowed down economic wheels globally. Rated among the best employers in the country, Safaricom has stepped up in this pandemic and channeled its resources toward s combating the virus, aligning itself with the government and other relevant stakeholders in the country.

“I have joined Safaricom at a time when humanity is facing its’ biggest challenge in modern history. The past one month of my time in Safaricom has been spent interacting with both staff and customers and I am pleased to say that I am filled with admiration for the resilience our staff are showing, by ensuring that in unprecedented times, our customers continue to interact with our products and services with ease. Never has our purpose of transforming lives been more present and relevant. We continue to implement measures
to cushion customers and Kenyans at large from the negative impact of the pandemic,” noted Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa, during the 2019/2020 full year briefings.

Safaricom’s support towards combating COVID-19 which extends to 30 June 2020, is valued at Ksh 6.5 Billion. Here is a breakdown of how the telco giant is stepping up in this this pandemic. 

1. Zero-rating of the following transactions until 30 June 2020 to reduce the risk of handling cash.

These transactions include:

  • Person to Person and Lipa na M-PESA transactions below KShs 1,000
    • Bank to M-PESA wallet and M-PESA wallet to bank transactions
    • Zero-rated paybill tills for government hospitals and dispensaries.
    • Daily M-PESA transaction limits increased to KShs 150,000 to support SMEs and daily M-PESA wallet limit increased to KShs 300,000 to further support reduction of risk in handling cash.

2. Bonga points, Data and fibre connections

  • Customers are allowed to use Bonga points at any outlets with Lipa na M-PESA tills to buy food and basic necessities.
    • Over KShs 331mn set aside to help in education, health and empowerement to drive community support.
  • Double bandwidth offered on our fiber connections to home for 90 days, giving customers an opportunity to work and learn from home.
    • Provision of concessional rates for data access to specific educational content for various universities and other learning institutions.

3. Customer Care Contact Centre and Donations.

• Safaricom Foundation donation of thermal cameras worth KShs 10mn to the Ministry of Health installed in various entry points to our country, as well as a KShs 200mn food donation.
• Safaricom has further supported the government in the establishment and operation of a 24-7 COVID-19 Information Centre, leveraging the capabilities of our Customer Contact Centre. We are also hosting over 300 doctors to support the frontline staff in educating, informing and managing
the spread of COVID-19.