New Restaurant Review Platform Afroguide Launched in Nairobi


The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Food lovers are very particular about what cuisine they love and will always go from one restaurant to another to try out new things. But Nairobi the city under the sun has thousands of establishment with high-class hotels that a foodie might have a hard time searching them up.

With Nairobians wiling to spend Ksh90 Billion on restaurants and hotel for just a plate of food and probably a cocktail, its a clear indicator that food is that one thing Kenyans are willing to spend on without feeling a pinch. A love for food comes with some string attached to adventure and travel. But this hot combination can be a swipe away.

Afroguide an online platform is making it easier for one to Kenyans to connect a large number of restaurants within the city of their reach without much hustle by helping you figure out the be the best answer to the most common of questions. What would you like to do this weekend? Where should we go for lunch? Which place has the best Ethiopian cuisine? can be answered on the platform.


Launched only for Nairobi, AfroGuide is a review and recommendations service, that includes a five-point rating scale, allowing only one review per person of a restaurant that can be updated to reflect subsequent visits; after the user is logged in. The platform offers a restaurant search utility, with filtering by price, type of food, neighbourhood, and special features (child-friendliness, smoking area, dance floor etc.)

The platform aims at giving Kenyans an exceptional experience when choosing where to wine and dine or enjoy a cup of espresso with a childhood friend reminiscing about the good old days.