Safaricom New Feature Alerts You on Fraudsters Registering SIM Card with Your ID

Safaricom Results

A good number of Kenyans have suffered in the hands of fraudsters who have cooked their way into getting ID details from rogue Mpesa agents and used them to steal from Safaricom customers. But telco giant Safaricom has put an end to these dirty tricks with a new development that will go long term in solving the recurrent problem and protect customers.

Safaricom has introduced a feature that alerts you when someone tries to register a new SIM card with your ID number, in a bid to completely shut out fraudsters and keep their customers MPesa accounts safe. The SMS alert from 707 will immediately be sent to your handset and you can reply with ‘NO’ if you are not the one who initiated the registration.

“Dear Customer a new number is about to be registered under your ID. Please reply with NO to continue or YES to cancel the registration,” reads the pop-up message.

COVID-19 pandemic is bringing the worse out of some Kenyans as they have resorted to unscrupulous means to make ends meet. Last month, the Director of Criminal Investigation warned Kenyans about scammers and fraudsters using online businesses as fronts to collect crucial information which could be used to blackmail victims.

Kenyans were also cautioned about fishy home deliveries as some may be done by criminals as who have laced the products with sleep inducers or drugs, which could result into the victims losing their consciousness and get robbed in board daylight.

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